The tender affection of wanting to feed seven very good-looking young men some snacks
My autobiography as written by the stars and interpreted by me
Content warning: suicidal thoughts, mental illness, death of a loved one, this fucking pandemic, loss
Winter passes and spring comes again
This is not the newsletter I wanted to send next. I’ve been writing this for almost a week now, returning to it in fits and starts, wondering when the …
An entirely objective list based on writing, performance, and CG-rendered hotness
Where I've been in the past two years, why I was gone, and what I want this newsletter to be in the future
Some housekeeping and an insignificant announcement
Burnout, the baseline temperature of my generation
Liminal spaces, or the in-between places
[insert Monty Python reference here]
Andraste's Flaming Sword! Where did November go?