Objects in the inbox may seem different than they had once appeared

Some housekeeping and an insignificant announcement

If you’re reading this, hello! Provided I haven’t gotten lost somewhere in your spam folder, it’s been a rather long time, hasn’t it? 2 years? Almost exactly. My apologies for the extended silence.

This is just a brief update to let y’all know there have been some changes to my newsletter setup, the biggest of which is that I’ve migrated all you lovely subscribers from Mailchimp to Substack.

why the change?

Because Mailchimp, quite frankly, is something of a scam. It’s quite a robust newsletter engine, I’ll grant you that, but once you hit a certain number of subscribers, it forces you to pay $36 a month (plus taxes and fees!) to keep them. I’ve been paying $480 a year for a service I haven’t used just to keep all you friends. You have no choice, says the God of Capitalism. It’s pay or lose what little you have.

Well, fuck you, God of Capitalism. I refuse.

what’s different about substack?

On my end, a lot of less money and headache. On your end, hopefully not much. If you’ve subscribed to get updates via email, you should still get them, but if you want, you can access the archives at sjaejones.substack.com and comment on posts, similar to a blog.

I’ve also migrated all my old newsletters to Substack, so old Lexical Gaps should still be available.

are you still an author?

Yes? And no? Is this like the koan “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it, does it still make a sound?”

I am still a published author. I still write and publish books. So by that definition, yes, I am still an author. It’s my job.

so is guardians of dawn still a thing?

Yes, and I’m getting ready to talk about it…almost. I promise I’ll talk more about it in the newsletter. Soon. ^^

Until next time, friends.